Fat Princess Interview - SCEA Producers Answer Your Questions

Chris Morell on official PlayStation blog:

"It's day two of the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge at the 2009 Game Developers Conference, and developer Titan Studios is showing off the upcoming PSN game Fat Princess. We know you've been asking tons of questions about the game, so Jeff sat down with SCEA Senior Producer Deborah Mars and Associate Producer Matt Morton for some great info on the game that we know you've been waiting to hear. Enjoy."

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doctorstrange3497d ago

at the end she mentions that they have their ESRB rating which suggests this game is near release. woohoo

MmaFanQc3497d ago

it was already stated that the game woul be released in spring

Bits-N-Kibbles3497d ago

I want this!

Strategy and violence!

I heard it was a June release, can't wait