Kombo Review: Madworld is the Game Wii Owners Have Been Waiting For

Kombo Writes: "Nintendo has been slow to the gun when it comes to delivering solid hardcore titles to satisfy the thirst of Wii owners. Wii gamers have scene numerous casual titles land on their beloved system, but Sega is here to make sure you can quench that thirst with blood. First, they delivered House of the Dead: Overkill, and now we have MadWorld. MadWorld is the first title out of the gates of newly found developer Platinum Games. Consisting of former members of the famous Clover Studios -- developers of Okami -- we knew this title had a great chance of success before even playing it. Well, these boys certainly haven't lost their touch.

MadWorld lets you play as Jack and sets you out to unleash hell. Kill your enemies anyway you see fit. Whether it be shove a tire around their body, shove a sign post through his head, and then toss him into a jet engine. Your only mission is to kill everyone and everything you see. You want hardcore? You can't get anymore hardcore than this."

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