Retro FF to Wii - but only original translations

Retro Final Fantasy titles are heading to the Wii's Virtual Console service, but despite modern retranslations of all six NES and SNES FF titles already existing thanks to various remakes, the USA and Western markets will only get the games translated for them back in the day.

This means Final Fantasy I, IV and VI will be released on the Western Virtual Console as Final Fantasy I, II and III respectively, but the real II, III and V will remain in limbo for Wii fans.

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N4g_null3496d ago

WOW I don't really see the problem with this? The old games are fine and really who is to say they still can put those version online for Wiiware?

The first verions are always the best versions.

PS360WII3496d ago

Yeah it's kind of the point of VC to use the originals