Schilling Retires from Baseball to Make an MMO

GamesAreEvil writes, "When you think of Curt Schilling, things like All-Star Games, World Series Championships and Cy Young awards all come to mind. In a world that is focused on aspirations of greatness, the future Hall of Famer has accomplished everything that epitomizes success for a professional athlete. However, many don't realize that Schilling is a hardcore gamer as well..."

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CrAppleton3590d ago

Wait... WHAT??? WTF just happened here?

bgrundman3590d ago

Yeah, looks like he is hanging up the cleats in favor of a keyboard and mouse... Kinda crazy if you ask me.

Neco5123590d ago

seriously? a baseball player making an MMO??

supercharger51503590d ago

lol, yeah, whack is what I was thinking... But I guess he has the $ to do what he wants...? Maybe the 'roids have gone to his head?

Montrealien3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Kurk Schilling has been in the MMO community for years, he even has a boss in Ever Quest 2 named after him and has been working on an MMO with R A salvator and Mcfarlane for a few years now. What`s new is the retirement, but Schilling being an MMO geek is old news. He has been playing them and wanting to make one for years. He also owns the Azeroth advisor which is a news letter for wow aimed at your toons.

FarEastOrient3590d ago

Curt Schilling is big World of Warcraft fan and so are his kids! This MMO project of his was being worked on as a side job I guess it's time to make a full time project.

Mikerra173590d ago

I guess I have respect for a baseball player now

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CrAppleton3590d ago

My love for the BoSoxs will make me buy his games.. :D

killyourfm3590d ago

Celebrity makes videogame=build in sales & audience.

This man is brilliant.

Wait...what happened?

reluctant_gamer3590d ago

Wait... Is this an early April Fools joke? Not that I care about baseball. But this is just crazy...

supercharger51503590d ago

LOL, this is such a great story just because so many people are thinking wait, wtf...?!

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