The first 10 minutes: Everybody's Golf demo

The demo of Everybody's Golf 5 is available since a few hours on the Playstation Store as expected. has captured a video showing the game in action.

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Torch4626d ago

Is it customary in Japan to wear a Lone Ranger cowboy hat when golfing? Hmm...Where can I get one of those??? ;)

PS360WII4626d ago

Hot Shots Golf!! Love this series bring it on I say!

Aeroglyphics4626d ago

The Character models look very impressive, I'd like to see this in HD.
Anyone have a link? I wasn't expecting that level of polish they almost look CG.

Siesser4626d ago

this has always been my favorite golfing franchise; it's a really relaxing and soothing game (until you start slicing and want to kill someone). The graphics look great, and it appears they kept much of the play mechanics the same, which is good. It's always been, in my eyes, and arcadey game that has a decent amount of depth to it, and once you start figuring out just how to read the gradient of the greens and gaugue wind speed, you start feeling like a golfing god :).

Now where's my French Maid Caddie?

weekapaugh4626d ago

just played the demo, game is pretty cool with sweet graphics and gameplay.