20° review: Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom (Wii)

DoFuss says: "Logic would dictate that having just bought Street Fighter 4 I would probably not be needing another one on one fighter for some time. Logic be damned! A week after purchasing SF4 I saw the Wii equivalent on sale in Japan and snapped it up.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is a continuation of the X vs. Capcom games (where X = Marvel, X-men or SNK) a series of Street Fighter variants on acid. It takes the core elements of SF and super charges the jumps and special moves to the point of ludicrousness. Jumps can span three screens; super moves make the screen explode in a sea of colour and bosses dwarf the player characters. It takes a game which is familiar to many, removes much of strategy and skill replacing it with the silly (oh and mini-games).

The other element to know about in understanding the game is Tatsunoko. A Japanese comic and cartoon brand most famous in the west for Battle of the Planets. Beyond that they are pretty much unknown outside the otaku fan community (side note – interestingly otaku is in the Microsoft Word dictionary, update - so is sayonara). This doesn't stop the game being fun, but does mean you gravitate towards the familiar Capcom characters."

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