Batman Doesn't Kill Anyone In Arkham Asylum

Curious how they managed to get the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum a Teen rating from the ESRB? Well, it seems the Dark Knight won't be killing anyone in the game.

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smokeymicpot3497d ago

That makes sense batman doesn't kill in general.

EvilCackle3497d ago

Truth. He just pummels the crap out of them. That distinction is probably why TDK was PG-13 instead of R.

solidt123497d ago


He just makes you wish you were dead.

XxZxX3497d ago

THE real reason that batman doesnt kill is..

so they can continue the comic with the villains coming back over and over again. No one die, the loop will never end so does the comic.

socomnick3497d ago

he doesnt kill cause batman is a wimp. Doesnt have the coyones. Lobo would rip Batman apart.

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solidt123497d ago

You sound ignorant. Some of the greatest games ever had no death. they get defeated but it never says they are dead. No one dies in Street Fighter 4 but it is still incredible.

jBat173497d ago

i think it's cool that batman does not intentionally kill people. also, i've never seen him with a gun.

cool heroes do not use gun.

macguyver and chuck norris never needed guns.

ceedubya93497d ago

I'm not sure about the past, but recently in comics Batman did have a gun for a very important purpose.

Sarcasm3497d ago

no brain = DragonWarrior46534

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farhsa20083497d ago

no DragonWarrior46534 = better N4G

Harry1903497d ago

falling from a 30 feet platform in one the trailers though....tough baddies.

DragonWarrior465343497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

awww, did I hurt somebody's feelings? Poor little kid. Just go ask your mommy for some cookies and milk and I promise you will alot better.

Play the Wii much guys? I think its made you guys soft. Grown ups play Xmen origins,, kids play Batman Arkham.

farhsa20083497d ago

ok well i guess i will ask your mom for some milk huh?

EvilCackle3497d ago

Grown ups argue about video games on the Internetz, too.

Enigma_20993497d ago

2 Bubbles... TWO BUBBLES... and you're wasting time ARGUING WITH HIM!!!!

Nineball21123497d ago

Wait... so farhsa2008 is DragonWarrior46534's brother?

I'm confused. ;-)

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