Pocket Gamer: Legion of Amon First Look

Developer On the Rocks has whetted peoples appetite for hack-'n'-slash adventuring with a first look at its ambitious role-playing game Legion of Amon. Building on the legacy of classics like Diablo and X-Com, this iPhone-exclusive epic hopes to push the bounds of hardcore adventuring on the handset.

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Scudd3519d ago

Looks interesting, we need more RPG type games on the Iphone most look like terrible Zelda and Final Fantasy 1 rip-offs.

I use my Iphone more for gaming than my PSP these days, i never imagined when i got it that i would get so addicted to it. Interesting to see what the new iphone can bring to gaming,

PS360WII3519d ago

Sounds like it's coming along :) Turn based combat even <3