Microsoft: Games for Windows a "long-term investment"

Games for Windows director Rich Wickham responds to reports that Valve Software is hanging a question mark over MS's commitment to PC gaming

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i rule4237d ago

It opens the online audience from a few million to tens if not hundreds of millions

Dragonopolis4236d ago

One major point that was said in by Doug Lombardi was that Microsoft Alienated its gaming customers by only including DX10 in Vista.

Microsoft does have a dilemma. One one hand Xbox live like service is good. One the other hand we have Next Gen Gaming that is only possible on a Operating system that hasn't been widely accepted yet. Any time Microsoft adds Vista extras to a service it only alienates XP customers more. What is so funny about this is Microsoft is Super Vulnerable right now even in the PC gaming realm. The only two Operating Systems popular enough to take advantage of it are either clueless (Apple) or incapable (Linux Community - not technically - but philosophically).

So meanwhile we all suffer while Microsoft fumbles in the Dark to find the light switch.