GDC09: OnLive bosses talk bandwidth caps

Joystiq writes: "As much as we love the Utopian vision of the future that OnLive -- which plans to offer game streaming direct to PCs, Macs and set-top boxes -- provides, we're still left with plenty of questions. For one, what does piping in games mean for those with bandwidth caps?

As an example, at the 5 Mbps OnLive requires for HD gaming, a Comcast user capped at 250 GB monthly could expect to get around 3.8 hours per day of game time -- assuming they used their connection for nothing else."

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josh143993519d ago

onlive is a load of crap because most isp wont let people download that much and even if they do they will start slowing down your connection after so long. the internet isnt good enough for things lik onlive i believe its coming a few years too early.

Tempist3519d ago

"Also, Perlman hopes that ISPs will give special consideration to OnLive as the service may well drive cable customers to upgrade their datastream."

What world is this man living in? If ISPs were considerate at all, we'd all have 10Mbit connections for like $30 a month with no bandwidth capping.

phosphor1123519d ago

Last time I checked they only offered 75G AT MOST in my city. Population 11 million. Hell, like I've said before, I can't even put my 1080p display to use with this crap proposition.

DragonWarrior465343519d ago

I actually pay $30 bucks a month for 10mbps. How much do you pay man?

joemayo763519d ago

this is why i don't see DD or OnLive taking over anytime soon, although entertainment companies are pushin more and more for DD, fact of the matter is ISPs have ridiculous caps.
In the Toronto area Rogers caps 60gb a month for basic, and 120gb for premium :\ now keep in mind most of us use the internet for things other than gaming coupled with living with a spouse or family (especially teens dam u and ur youtube :P) and you can easily reach the cap. so i think i'll pass on OnLive until ISPs and these entertainment co.s come up with business plans that aren't opposite of each other.

phosphor1123519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

$30 for
1.5mbps down
.25mpbs up
With a 15g cap. know why? That's all I have here. Well besides Comcast..but we don't associate with Comcast anymore, not since they tried to say we didn't pay 250 dollars for what ever reason, and sent creditors after us. We ended up getting the local Attorney General to tell them to cease and desist. We had credit card statements proving our payments. In fact, they over charged us 1 room too many for set up, not only that but they charged us for wiring the house, WHEN OUR HOUSE IS ALREADY FREAKIN WIRED!!! Instead of about $75 for a start up fee, they charged us over 175 for 2 "unwired" rooms. (like I said, ,they set up only 1 room that was already wired). They charged us with an extra month too. F*ck Comcast.

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Scudd3519d ago

Most ISP's dont give you any benefit for using online games or even things like Steam. I doubt they will give this any special consideration. Hell they kicked up a fuss about BBC's Iplayer. My 40gb a month will allow me what?? 5 Mins a day. Sod that.

divideby03519d ago

paying 50 bucks per month per cable...there better not be any caps

phosphor1123519d ago

If it's comcast, then yes, you are capped. So far no ISP is going without one.

Kushan3519d ago

Necessity breeds demand. All it takes is ONE ISP to drop caps and the rest will have to fall in line. Most regular people have no concept of caps because they'll never hit them, if services like this and netflix take off more, it'll become a bigger issue.

BigKev453519d ago

This will fail because of the cap issues. This sounds great if theory, but I don't know if it could be pulled off in 2009. Maybe 2015.

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