TommyZor: Videogames are best as single-player experiences

TommyZor: "I'm sitting here, ready to play Resident Evil 5. So far, so normal. All of a sudden, someone suggests they want to play it with me. What do you mean? As in, I play and you watch, and we take turns?
Multiplayer? What's this? A Resident Evil game is for more than one person at a time? Damn it, world, why are you doing this to me?"

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DelbertGrady3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

But I guess it generates hits.

It depends on what videogame you are playing. Assuming you are socially capable of being among, and interacting with other humans. It seems the author of this article is not.

jumboplay3496d ago

I think there's a lot of sarcasm in there. I agree that the "very best" games tend to be single-player, but some have 2+ player modes that can make the game enjoyable. Like Streets of Rage - it works fine both ways. Co-op play is a little different, since it takes out the competitive aspect of the game, and can totally feel like a singular experience.