E7600 gets cheap Core 2 Duos over 3GHz

Fudzilla: "Intel plans to unveil a new, faster Core 2 Duo E series based CPU and this 3MB L2 cache CPU will finally get this cheaper Core 2 duo to over 3GHz.

Currently, the fastest Core 2 Duo E7500 works at 2.93GHz has 3MB cache and 1066MHz FSB. This one sells for about €120 in e-tail and we believe that this should be the price of Core 2 Duo E7600 at 3.06GHz at launch and E7500 will get a bit cheaper."

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I Call 9MM3494d ago

I hope intel decides to release a few more higher end chips for this platform. I like my Q9450 and all but picking up another similarly priced chip in the future that I can overclock a little more would be nice. Something like a multiplier locked (or unlocked...) version of the QX9750 or something even faster but at a respectable price for the average consumer. Maybe not high end Core i7 power but something to give the the 775 platform one last hurrah to go out on. People aren't really flocking to i7 anyway right now, too expensive.