Famitsu sales (3/16 - 3/22)

1. Super Robot Wars K (NDS) - 132,000
2. Amagami (PS2) - 48,000
3. Powerful Pro 2009 (PS2) - 44,000
4. Musou Orochi Z (PS3)
5. Mario and Luigi 3 (NDS)
6. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP)
7. Biohazard 5 (PS3)
8. Picross (NDS)
9. Harvest Moon (PSP)
10. Cross of Venus (NDS) - 20,000


DSi - 72,000
PSP - 61,000
PS3 - 24,000
Wii - 20,000
DSL - 7,800
X360 - 5,100



PS2 - 5,400

More numbers:

Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid (PSP) - 18,000 / 346,000
Taiko Wii (Wii) - 12,000 / 460,000
Pikmin 2 (Wii) - 15,000 / 43,000

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JokesOnYou3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Its amazing that releases like SO4 and *Biohazard aren't showing any legs in Japan for 360, lolz even ps2 outsold 360 this week thats really bad news for micro but I can't quite figure out whats going on in Japan the numbers aren't all that great for any of the next gen consoles, either way wii sold plenty already so until a price drop or a major game/gimmick release its understandable that sales have no place to go but down, but I thought ps3 sales would have remained higher for awhile, I mean wheres Yakuza3?.. seems like japanese gamers really love handhelds.


Johnny Rotten3519d ago

19. [PS3] Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (Sega) - 13,000 / 452,000

sonarus3519d ago

lol i think 360 needs another price cut in Japan

frayer3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

haha. 5k? You have got to be kidding me. The 360 is $199.99 in Japan with all the JRPG's. This is embarrassing. I can't wait for Sony to drop the price there.

edit: haha. The PS2 beat the 360. Embarrassing... Looks like the 360 will slump right back into the 1-2k range in a few weeks.

Godmars2903519d ago

No, that would be the PSP/DSi.

jBat173519d ago

if MS gave the xbox 360 for free.. MS, more price cuts please

WhittO3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Im sure the 360 is sold even less than $199 in Japan, i remember reading an article ages ago that said it was like $89.99 !!

The ps3 is selling good, it is the most expensive console on the market and is still selling numbers comparable to 360 worlwide.
Think of what a price-cut would do!

MS would have no advantages if the price were even, and Live isnt much of an advantage since PSN seems to be evolving into a service that in some areas surpasses live.

Look out for the new 360 "sale", of $49.99 lol

Da One3519d ago

there is no reason those two should be pushing that each week granted the DS had a slight slump

TheHater3519d ago

Well the DSi had different color release last week. So that why the sales is so high for it.

himdeel3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

...are the real heavy weights in Japan now. If Japan was prison the DSi and PSP would be the guys waiting in the shower for you to drop the soap.

They are not to be messed with. Oh and the PS2 library is ridiculously amazing. There are games that I still want to purchase on that system.

nbsmatambo3519d ago

bubbles for you himdeel

for making me lmao

Sarcasm3519d ago

Japan is a working nation, so mobile products sells like wildfire there.

SprSynJn3518d ago

Continuing on what Sarcasm said...

Most homes here in Japan only have one television as well as less rooms to accommodate more members in the family. The television is not always available for the kids to play on considering Japanese shows and drama's are on around the clock, and very popular for the most part. The DSi and PSPs here are perfect for when kids want to play in the corner with no one to bother them. I myself got a DS before I arrived here because I knew I would be on the move sooner or later. If I were to ever get a gaming system for a child I would have, a portable system would be my first choice as it suits this country perfectly. Although I am not sure, I heard cell phones access the internet more often than PC's here these days. In short, battery powered portable devices are never in short supply here.

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Zeus Lee3519d ago

"X360 - 5,100
PS2 - 5,400"

And people doubt Sony when they say they have a 10 year plan?

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