Analyst: Next-Gen Underperforming; PS3 Price Cut 'Critical'

Sony and Microsoft can spin the results any way they want, but Deutsche Bank analyst Jeetil Patel says that the sales are just flat out disappointing, and that in Sony's case a price cut is "critical" in order to stimulate the market.

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JOLLY14232d ago

This is going to make both sides explode.

caffman4232d ago

this is flame bait for sure!!!! Let the battles begin!

GrooveChampion4232d ago

"Looking specifically at the Xbox 360 situation, Deutsche Bank analyst Jeetil Patel said that there is some reason for concern. "We are concerned that either Microsoft's much publicized promise to increase supplies has not materialized, or even more worryingly, consumer demand has been lower than expected," noted Patel. "The worst-case scenario (which we unfortunately cannot rule out at this stage) is simply that consoles are not selling at these price points - it is too early to state this definitively but these early data points are not encouraging."

This same analyst said all that nonsesne above about the 360 in June of last year. 360 sales are fine now and doing better all the time! This guy is just a loudmouth with too much free time. Everyone knows Feb-August is a pretty rough time for games, even more so with a consistent flow of great games from all sides. Don't let this moron get to you guys.

XxZxX4232d ago

Sony is seriously need a pricecut. The draught and high price is killing them.

Microsoft and Sony will eventually price cut during summer 07 i believe.

PureGamer4232d ago

the ps3 needs a price cut and so does the 360 but the wii wtf it shouldent even be labelled a next gen console all it has different to a gamecube is a different controller.

power of Green 4232d ago

I dissagree fans on both sides know $300 dollars and up is a price that the bulk of consumers will avoid.(Sales pick up around $250 and lower).

JOLLY14232d ago

You are trying to tell me that all of the super dedicated won't come in here. I can see little dj saying that $600 is the perfect price for such a perfect piece of machinery. Then Mart will come in and say...see, the ps3 is too expensive, notice the 360 is beating the ps3 by 100,000 units sold. You really don't think this will happen?

power of Green 4232d ago

Can a dog not smell another assholes, i just though sence both console's are not doing as well as they could it would look foolish to try to use this news to make one or the other look bad. I thought it would shed some light on the realalities on both sides on why price is hurting both companies, i thought this thread would be a kind of flame retardant on the 360/PS3 sales number flame battle. lol J/K

JOLLY14232d ago

You should see some of the thoughts dj has about stuff. He has private messaged me a couple times with insane thought processes. Mart is a little on the deep side too. I personally love my little 360, but I am not going to make up crap, just to validate my purchase. I'm not going to mention that my add on wifi has a much longer range than the built in ps3 one unless I have done tests (in many variable circumstances). The problem is some children on this site just like to make up stuff just to stroke their ego. It's kind of lame. Oh well.

BoneMagnus4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

I bought a 360 at launch, but I'm waiting until the PS3 hits $300. And why not? If it truly has a 10 year life cycle, what's the rush?

It may be that the hard-core gamer are the early adopters, but the general public, though they may want the new systems, are simply not willing to pay the high prices.

Perceived value is a tricky thing. A Corvette Z06 outperforms cars that are 3X its sticker price, but still most people can't afford that luxury, and those that can may spend money on a boat, another house etc. And at the end of the day, after computers, HDTVs, surround Sound systems,MP3 players and new cell phones, gaming concoles may be a lower priority for people's consumer electronics dollar. Think about it - the $800 you'll spend on a PS3, a few games, extra controller and component/HDMI cables and a headset...will buy a decent sound system, a decent computer, a good chunk of a decent HDTV - things the majority of people want - more than a gaming console.

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