Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. review at GoGamingGiant

GoGamingGiant offers its review on the new flight sim Tom Clancy's Hawx.

Excerpt: "The game offers a variety of different missions, aircraft, and weapons. In fact, it is the most realistic selection of all to ever be made. The company actually gained the licences from the manufacturers of the aircraft in order to create the closest and most accurate virtual recreations to date. With more than 50 planes (75 I think?) and at least 3 weapon pack variations per plane, you are sure be entertained. You will be able to use these modern day marvels to tear up the sky above the worlds most famous cities, including Washington D.C., Chicago, Rio De Janeiro, and more. The makers used a company called GeoEye, a satellite company like you would see google maps as, to recreate the city's buildings and structures as seen from their eye in the sky. Along the storyline you will escort bombers, fly through SAM zones, perform nighttime stealth strikes, protect airforce 1, and attack enemy strong points in a riveting story that goes parallel with different Tom Clancy games and books. You will even help out Captain Mitchell more than once!"

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Scudd3495d ago

Crap game, doesnt add anything new that aint been seen a thousand times before. Still find Ace Combat much better for a blast fest but cant beat even a small piece of realism which this game contains none of.