Chromehounds Trailer

Chromehounds is Sega's splendid looking big mech 360 battler and, with the console needing something suitably large and crunchy to satiate our mech warrior leanings, it should provide just the ticket as the game prepares to debut next month on July 7.

Served up fresh and gleaming this very morning is Chromehounds' rather impressive intro movie, which graphically illustrates the perils of big mechs battling it out in futuristic urban environments and shows some sublime mech-on-mech action. Mighty fine it's looking too, and if the game lives up to this movie's potential, then we should be in for a rollocking good time.

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Nodoze5812d ago

This is all good, but where is the demo?

Droidbro5812d ago

So people will buy the game before they can play the demo and see that it sucks.

FamoAmo5812d ago

We'll I have waited for the demo and it looks liks MS isn't releasing it!! Without a demo I don't know how the gameplay is and b/c thats the major factor in me enjoying the game I will wait for the review and to see what other people say... No Demo for this Hell Wheres the Demofor PREY?

THE TRUTH5812d ago

I'm excited about this title. I will just gamefly it before I buy it. I really wish M$ would release the demo though