Some Of Nintendo's Creative Wii/DS Games For Japan Could Come Here

Nintendo's keynote is just a few hours away and Nintendo of Europe released names of upcoming Nintendo titles. Could these be the games Satoru Iwata announces at GDC.

Cosmic Walker takes place on a space station and the screenshots show you're equipped with a gun. Gaia, the studio headed by Koji Okada (Megami Tensei developer) and team behind Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner, is making this game.

Spaaan Smasher (aka Spawn Smasher) you play as the grinning orange ball and smash into objects. Looks like a mix between a 2D platformer and pinball. Artoon is developing this game.

Line Attack Heroes has players use a line of followers as a weapon.

Friend Connection (aka Tomodachi Connection) is a Nintendo DS game with Miis of Nintendo executives like Shigeru Miyamoto (he sings in the game), Reggie Fils-Aime, and Satoru Iwata as the main characters. Nintendo is developing this game internally.

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