Harrison: Blu-ray Vital For PS3, Better Integrated Than DVD On PS2

Sony executive Phil Harrison has been discussing the PlayStation 3's use of the Blu-ray next-gen optical disc format, revealing Sony's thinking behind its relatively audacious bundling tactics.

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PS360WII4623d ago (Edited 4623d ago )

I think it's good to have the space in the disc for games, if used well that is. You can say that for the Wii. The controller is nice if used well.

As a movie player I think Blueray and HD are great but only for action flicks or heavy CG movies. But for the many other genres out there I don't know "Click" on Blueray doesn't seem like a great idea. 'Bond' on Blueray is Great. "Serenity" on HD awesome "Reds" on HD hmmm. Know what I mean?

Bebedora4623d ago

A thread about voting for a price reduction of the PS3 in GB is here


Thread went off line for some reason *couch* Well for anyone in the GB region wanting to - here it is. (I did not vote since I resides elesewhere)

Ps3Fanboy7774623d ago

Only thing I was worried about was load times but that is SO NOT a problem AT ALL...

SuperSaiyan44623d ago

I think he is getting scared cos the PS3 aint doing so well, and HD-DVD is doing very well in Europe, I hope blu-ray fails and Phil Harrison gets demoted to a Camel Jockey.

Captain Tuttle4623d ago (Edited 4623d ago )

He's just doing his job but I can't stand that picture of him! It's everywhere! I want to punch my monitor every time I see it. lol

achira4623d ago

HD-DVD is doing very well ? lol you are ill, it isnt even in the shops. all you can see is BLU-RAY!!!!!!! xbots wake up! you live in a dream world.

Black Republican4623d ago

lol i think you are Ill ACHIRA

it's funny that just because someone said HD DVD is doing well they are automatically a xbot !!!
so I guess it is safe to say u are a ps fangirl because you support blue ray
sounds stupid doesnt, well thats because it is, stupid to assumethings like that

another thing u might want to consider is
if hd dvd is not even in shops, i wonder how come blue rays lead isnt even that impressive, you must know alot about this so you must know the numbers you self
you must also know that this is only the second month blue ray has had the lead, and before that it was hd dvd with the leas the whole time

but anyway my point it you are one silly little girl that knows nothing

i wish they would just say so and so is the standard tomorrow because i want to just buy whatever the standard is

however this will take a very long time
: (

lilwingman4623d ago

I think Phil is the man. I think he's down to earth, doing a great job trying to sell his companies products. And come on, he's such a joker.

"I'm going to get shot for saying this"

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