Tomb Raider Anniversary: Exclusive screens and impressions of new Egypt level were given an exclusive walkthrough of the new Egypt level at Eidos' London office and came away with an excited feeling.

"...everything we liked about Tomb Raider Legend is still there. The tight controls, the lush graphics and the brilliant physics are all in place. But now it's been given more of the things that made Tomb Raider so unique in the first place. And we didn't see a single human foe. Yes!

As Lara starts clambering around her new environment, it seems that developer Crystal Dynamics has taken note of every criticism leveled at Legend. For starters, the auto-grab function where Lara will save herself if you slip from a perilous ledge has now been made optional. Seasoned Tomb Raider players can now run with confidence from a ledge if they know what's beyond. Novices can have the stabilizers on - that's cool too."

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makingdamage4259d ago

Yeah! Tomb raider, bringing old memories back. I really hope it´ll be as fantastic as the first one was.

miasma4259d ago

I was a big TR fan of the first two, i just loved it. But just like many things, as the sequels kept going, i wasn't even interested anymore, the game play sucked, and every game had Lara in a corporate environment that was just boring!!

I played Legend, and i liked most of what the new developement team did. definitely don't like the ear chatter, highly annoying, glad they removed it.

those screen shots look so nice as well, now i am interested and i think i will have to pick it up and take a stroll down memory lane, which looks like it will be filled with crazy animal encounters and those psycho ATLANTIANS!!

Darth Gamer4259d ago

I can't wait to play through it again. I am only dissappointed that it is not coming out for the 360. But, the price more than makes up for that. EBGAMES has it listed for 29.99$.