Who Needs Japan?

Japan deserves credit for shaping the video game industry with Mario, Sonic and Dance Dance Revolution. Western game developers continue to impress, producing hits that not only appeal to their audiences -- they also thrust the industry forward. But with games like Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and God of War 2, does Japanese influence matter? GameDaily writers Robert Workman and Chris Buffa battle it out to see whether Japan still holds its mighty grip on video games.

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ASSASSYN 36o4631d ago

I care not wather a game sales or not in japan. they have lost the edge in game design to me. They aren`t receptive to western games as much as the west are to their games so F`em.

BoneMagnus4631d ago

Once upon a time, we had to play whatever Japan served up - which meant some great games like the Nintendo franchises, and without Japan, we would not be where we are today.

That said, Western gamers are changing their taste in games - the FPS, the Western RPG(Oblivion) etc...and the western market is growing. Japan is no longer the only source of great games. So while, I'd never say their developers or gaming audience no longer matter, they no longer hold the power to direct the course of the industry the way they once did.

ThaGeNeCySt4631d ago


i'll play a japanese game like a traditional JRPG or somethin from time to time, but i've become moreso the western gamer (i'm a console FPS/3PS & WRPG (Mass Effect, Oblivion) nut

Double-Edged4631d ago

the whole jap scene is really do you say... boring...
ummm.. i kinda got bored of all the spikey hair rpg guys who wear tight clothings. The whole pokemon thing, the whole DBZ thing. Initial D thing.

I mean.... I love Naruto... but I'm really feeling the westernized games now.
Gears of War: American Bad-azz who doesnt need a dialogue
Rainbow 6: what an FPS
Halo: just WOW
Dead Rising was cool.

I'm just not diggin the whole Jap thing anymore...
if you want proof of just ODD characters. look at KOF and the jap... they do mix.. but the american style is just too good

Vojkan4631d ago

What guy was trying to say is that there are no more revolutionary games from Japan. They just do same things over and over again but just with better graphics as new consoles get released. Just look at 1000s of JRPG that are released in Japan!It same sh!t. You start with some adolescent blond boy, find one friend that usually is blonde girl, than you find one more firend and one more and one more and you stop around 6 or 8 friends. Its so boring and repretitive. There is only a few games from Japan for which western gamers are waithing for with massive hype. Those are MGS4, two FF games(lets include Lost oddysey even though no one is talking that much about that game) and Mario galaxy. While west is making Gear of War, God of war, Lair, Bioshock, Mass Effect, H.Sword, Oblivion, Halo 3, Rathcet & Clank, Jak & Dexter, should i stop? No! Ok, than Dark Sector, Forza 2, Motorstorm, WarHawk, Little Big Planet, Assasins Creed, Grand theft auto i could go on for next 30 minutes.
And do you know what crazy? Japanese dont but western games, its sick and twisted that they instead buy CRAP like Gundum Musou!!!

techie4631d ago

Okami, ICO, Shadow of Collossus...the best rated game for a long time RE4...ummm. There is more...I have to say I'm sick of FPS, but I know that there is much more in the West - I have to say I am very happy with what is coming out of the UK...Fable 2, Motorstorm, HS, LBP...

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Sphinx4631d ago

Not me. Very, very few of their games are my kind of games. MGS? Well, it has bored me. After MGS2, I haven't looked back... I've thought about MGS3 once, but got distracted by a bunch of other games... now I'm playing "next-gen" games and not looking back. MGS4? Eh, not too excited about it... if it comes out on the 360, or if I get a PS3 (maybe during the holidays if Santa looked the other way during a few naughty things) I may rent it.

techie4631d ago (Edited 4631d ago )

We talking stylisticaly here or whether they come out of Japan? Resident Evil, MGS anyone? ICO, Okami...the list goes on.

Those were four that came off the top of my head...I could do some research and get some more. You have to realise that in regards to ps2 games - only 1400 were released in the US, but 4500 were released in Asia- who knows what original gems we missed.

My point about Res4 and MGS was that they are stylistically western games aimed at the US market.

I really don't know I think that there are great original ip's coming out of Japan. ICO, Okami (won best game of the year for some), Shadow of Collossus. I dunno...I personally think that a lot of the games coming out of the US are uninspired and unoriginal - all these war games and shooting and fighting. It doesn't inspire me that much. Of course there are others, but generally all these FPS are not doing aything new...of course the average US consumer loves them, but that's a cultural thing. Just like the US is obsessed with Superheroes - also born in American culture.

Vojkan4631d ago

Yes there is a few great games but you menaged to name 4, while west is making TONS of different genres and TONS of great inovativ games. Just look some of the names that i wrote in my previous post.
I agree resident Evil 4 is my favorit game from last gen and 5 will ROCK, probably. But still its not new IP, its same game just new parts. It started 10 years ago in 96 if i am not mistaken. And thats the problem I am sick and tired of Marios, Sonics, Warios and other repetitive crap!

WEST owns EAST in game making, period.

BoneMagnus4631d ago

but for every generic FPS the US puts out, their is a generic JRPG. Look, all I'm saying is that it is not ALL about Japan anymore. But anyone who chooses to completely ignore Japan is missing out on some great games - like the ones you mentioned, which are in my collection and and are among my favorites from last gen. In the same light, someone who chooses to ignore western developers are missing out also. I think the east-west dynamic makes all games better and invents new gameplay styles as things are tweaked to attract a new audience.

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