Cheaters Ruin Official GT5 Prologue Competition

With thousands of dollars in prizes at stake, GTPlanet calls for increased pressure on Sony to disqualify cheaters in official GT5 Prologue challenge.

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PoSTedUP3519d ago

i hate cheaters, man i wish everyone could be genuine.

gt5p plus the driving force logitech racing wheel= the ride of your life!

all i need now is the sparco racing seat and my '[email protected]' is complete : D

sunnygrg3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Cheaters and boosters be damned!!

Acidicpack3519d ago

SUCK MY BALLS YO!!! They ruined GOW2 with all the glitches. Now there screwing with the my favorite driving game on the the PS3. You call all go to HELL!!!!

Samer3053519d ago

I hope you mean god of war with that GOW. If you mean gears of war then its GeOW because god of war came before.

Lucreto3519d ago

I like cheating but only on single player. Online cheating is as we know unfair and they should be banned from the service.

Antan3519d ago

A good approach would be to implement something Forza 2 does. If you stray of course, you are penalized straight away and your lap time is ruled out. The more time you spend off course the more time you lose.

creeping judas3519d ago

RACEpro took that one step further. If you cut the corner, you had to do a drive thru penalty. If you didnt take the penalty you were automatically disqualified and ejected from the race into the lobby.

phosphor1123519d ago

But somehow these guys ride the walls so they don't actually bump the walls hard. If you were to actually hit the walls, cut corners, hit someone else you have a penalty.

I dont see how these guys do it. Every time I slide against the wall I lose almost all my speed.

steve30x3519d ago

We have been shouting to PD to fix the online with months but they arent listening

DERKADER3519d ago

PD doesn't care about its customers. The online is a joke. The penalty system is broken and knowing which corners you can cut is the fastest way to race. Ramming people is the name of the game. And no private rooms so there's no way around it, besides joining a lame 3rd party team speak. I hope it's completely revamped for the real GT5.

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