GDC: Final Fantasy Maker Square Enix Goes After U.S. Gamers With New Studio

Square Enix, the Tokyo gamemaker behind ultrapopular role-playing games Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, doesn't just want to make Japanese games anymore.

The company, which established a game studio in Los Angeles last year, is at Game Developers Conference here this week recruiting staffers to build games aimed at American audiences. Studio head Fumi Shiraishi says that while Final Fantasy is still quite popular around the world, his company thinks the only way to grow is to create games with local development teams in places outside its native Japan.

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Kamikaze1353520d ago

I wonder how much of Microsoft's big one Square Enix will try to swallow all at once, lol.

DelbertGrady3520d ago

Since America is a much larger market than Japan it's a logic move for any software developer.

Zeus Lee3520d ago

I wonder if this investment will pay off,only time will tell.

Dragun6193520d ago

Let Me Guess, This studio gonna make Xbox360 exclusives,
as we all know that Square Enix Believes that the only way to break into the US market is to make XBox360 games such as Final Fantasy 11 Last Renment, Infinite Discovery and Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Hell, they believe it so much that they decided to alienate their PS3 fanbase and make Final Fantasy 13 multiplatform.

I Have yet to see a Full PS3 game from Sqaure Enix. I hope they realize that most of their fanbase went to PS3 as it shows that all the rpgs on Xbox 360 have been selling like crap. Seriously...When FF13 and FFVS13 comes out and sells on ps3 i hope they change the strategy Cuz they are certainly not keeping true to their words about being multiplatform.