MyGameLink: Resident Evil 5 Review

MyGameLink writes: "Games come and go so quickly in our beloved industry, with most being forgotten within months of their release, but when one really does make a mark it gets remembered. You only have to look at the history books for proof of this as Super Mario Bros. introduced gamers to platforming, Super Mario 64 then expanded on this creating the genre we know today; Goldeneye revolutionized first person shooters and Halo perfected the formula, still seen in games nowadays. Resident evil 4 was one such triumph pioneering the 3rd person shooter genre. By implementing a new and unique camera angle, shifting to an over-the-shoulder perspective, and creating non-stop action throughout it set a new standard for 3rd person games and has changed what we come to expect from them. 4 years later and Capcom have returned with Resident evil 5 to expand upon their masterpiece and boy was it worth the wait."

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