Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter – Chapter 2 - Review

Hype is a machine that can generate a huge amount of excitement, and Ubisoft the masters of the First Person Shooter, a long time back announced its intention to release additional content for their already hugely popular Xbox 360 title...

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venom nolatari5941d ago

I have looked at several gamesites & noticed the amount negative comment about the price, Well you only pay if you WANT the content.

All the people moaning about the price seem to have forgotten how quickly we paid £19.99 for the "summit strike" add on, and that didn't have much more content & was on an established platform with a big catalogue of games.

The price may seem steep but having played the new campaign mode & got my a$$ kicked a few times the new content has added more depth by being harder to beat, if you had bought this & it was easy to beat then everyone would have something to moan about.
Yes its pricey but worth it if your a fan of GRAW, but you DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT!!!!!

Schmitty075941d ago

I will be holding off on this content because I don't see a big enough reason to buy it.

1. The new multiplayer campaigns aren't tied in w/ achievements

2. Multiplayer maps are just re-lit.

3. Five new weapons and 4 new faces are not worth it.

I don't have a problem spending 15 dollars (That is nothing), but I don't think the price tag is justified. I probably will eventually buy it, but not right now. I wish they would eventually become free like the Halo maps.

TheMART5941d ago

See it like this:

2 hours of fun watching a movie @ the boxoffice will cost ya 20 dollars at least if you're not spending too much on drinks and chips.

1200 MP points about 14 Euro's and something like that in dollars will give you hours and hours of fun in gameplay that will lenghten the durability of a great game. So yes, seeing other downloads on Marketplace it looks 'expensive' but really it isn't.

If you think a Ferrari is too expensive, you'll stick with your BMW which isn't bad also. But you're not going to yell and shout @ the dealer that it's prices are too high

slugg5941d ago

I have the new maps, and only having attempted the Coffee Plantation about five times with three friends (WAY harder that first co-op missions, but WAY more fun, too), and the Port map once, I think that it was money well spent. There are hours and hours of new playtime here, and playing GRAW over live with friends is hands-down the most fun I have had with my 360. If you are on the fence about the download, all I can say is: Jump In!

FamoAmo5940d ago

I also agree the 4 new maps rock.. The co-op is harder and better.. The new mas remind me alot of the old GR They are huge with plenty of nice hidding spots!! Makes the game come alive again!! 15$ is not alot I can remember map packs for 20$ or more before. 15$ for more next gen quality gra[hics and gameplay is worth it to me!