Nomura: FF13 on shedule

With repeated recent delays of Dragon Quest IX, Final Fantasy fans have been beginning to worry that Final Fantasy XIII might slip from its currently planned late 2009 release in Japan.

However, in an interview in this week's Famitsu (dated 25th March) Tetsuya Nomura, the game's director, has stated that the game is still on target for a release "this year."

What he doesn't detail however is if he's referring to the year 2009 or the 2009 Square Enix fiscal (financial) year, which will end in early 2010. While his statement makes a delay seem unlikely, fans shouldn't celebrate just yet.

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Sevir043497d ago

my goodness. but FF13 will tide me over

xztence3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

The man has spoken. this guy doesnt make sh1t up.
it will really be out this year. believe in Nomura.
I have so much respect for this guy, he's currently helping finish FF13
then he'll have to head back to FF VS 13, not to mention he is also heavily involved with Kingdom Hearts Birth By sleep for the psp.
And after that I'll be guessing the fanbase will bombard him with requests for a FF 7 remake or Kingdom hearts 3.
He is constantly busy. without him SE would be garbage right now.

lordgodalming3497d ago

I think Nomura IS cracking on FFVXIII. FFXIII's director is Motomu Toriyama. This article is confused and unhelpful.

Sevir043491d ago

after the ps3 version is done in japan then He'll Nomura will start work on FFVS13

Homicide3497d ago

Nice. Hope it comes out soon here in the US.

Panthers3497d ago

Well 2010 isnt soon to me but yea I hope it doesnt take tooo long.

ScorpianusNoir3497d ago

I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series. I have played them all but XI, but they have been going down hill in my eyes.

I have seen the trailers for XIII and the trailer for XIII Vs and think that I would prefer Vs, and yes, part of my displeasure is sharing the franchise with the 360 crowd, I can be selfish that way sometimes. I don't begrudge them the chance to play a good game, but I don't like the way Wada handled it. In fact I don't like Wada at all.

It's all moot anyway, my wife has already reserved XIII for me. She reserved it for X-mas 08' and it probably won't be here until X-mas 10. Maybe I will just have her change it to Vs and rent XIII.

ScorpianusNoir3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Okay, can someone tell me how you can disagree with my opinion? it is after all, an opinion, not right or wrong, but my own opinion.

Oh well, I feel as I feel, maybe XIII will be a good game, but I don't NEED to play any game. I choose to play the game and even though SE will not miss my 60 bucks, If I decide not to buy XIII, I will not miss their game.

Max Power3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

said a whole lot of nothing. NOTE: i didn't agree or disagree with you, if i did disagree i would state my reasons.

Zeus Lee3497d ago

This year in Japan,next year in EU and NA.

Still won't save the game from mediocre reviews.

DNAgent3497d ago

All the FF13 games will flop anyways. Square-Enix makes mediocre games (this goes back to even last gen so it's not that they have just now started making crappy games). I won't even bother playing this. The days of good FF games are over now that Squaresoft is dead.

Too_Hyped3497d ago

I agree their company seems to go south these days... :(

They must go back to fundamentals and make less games. Who cares if they release tons of crappy games like Last Remnant, Infinite Discovery or SO4, which all rated around 60-70 on meta.

Their sales on 360 are abysmal, they need to react.

It would be much better to make one or two high quality games than tons of crappy ones.

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