Bionic Commando Dated in Japan

Capcom announced today a final Japanese release date for Bionic Commando. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the 3D action title will arrive simultaneously on June 25, carrying a CERO rating of D (meaning play for 17-and-up) and a price of 7,340 yen. The PC version is as yet undated.

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Sevir043585d ago

good deal though for japan

spunnups3585d ago

The 8 man multiplayer looks to be like Spiderman on crack. This is really going to have to be good to warrant a purchase with so many other games on the horizon. I know for a fact I'm getting inFAMOUS Day 1 which comes out in June as well.

STONEY43585d ago

I hope GRIN doesn't screw this up. So far, every game they've made has been TERRIBLE.