AllAboutTheGames Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

AATG writes: "After the mandatory update the first thing to strike you as you boot the game will be the strange layout of the screen; you have one large box on the left and a smaller one to the right, 'powered by the Pollux cross platform engine' it exclaims. But I think what it actually means is the 'Nintendo DS emulator', it's actually quite nifty in its own way, the + and - buttons on the Wii remote can be used to shrink and enlarge the DS 'screens' as you see fit, with the pointing function used as a stylus. But you'll soon realise that the pointing feature is best turned off as soon as you are able to, because if your cursor is left hovering over this screen it won't recognise your button presses as sword swings - fortunately the cross pad on the remote makes a good substitute."

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