Yosuke Hayashi Mans Up, Moves Out Of Itagaki's Shadow

Kotaku Writes:
Tecmo's redundant announcement of Ninja Gaiden S 2 was more than just a chance to talk about online co-op; it was Producer Yosuke Hayashi's chance to come out of his ex-boss's shadow.

Tomonobu Itagaki has always been critical of Sigma. He even said that a Ninja Gaiden II Sigma version would be a "loss of face."

Responding publicly to Itagaki's criticism for the first time since the Team Ninja leader left Tecmo, Hayashi said, "There's nothing I'd put against the Sigma series. The face has changed, the leader [of Team Ninja] has changed, the so-called creator has left..." But it's still Ninja Gaiden, he said. "The DNA is there."

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 picks up where Sigma left off and will be an "encapsulation" of the entire Ninja Gaiden series from Xbox to DS. Hayashi hopes to keep the series going even beyond that with downloadable content for the PS3 (but not the 360, sorry) and possibly future games.

"We're confident," Hayashi said of Sigma 2. "This will be the ultimate package, the one you will always remember."

Hayashi's also confident that he can fill the void left by Itagaki: "I'll prove it with the game," he said, which sounded way more badass in Japanese. Later, in English, he told me he was the boss of Team Ninja now.

You go, boy. Don't let them tell you that you can't be The Man just because you don't wear Bono shades. Go forth and make the best PS3 port/upgrade ever!

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animboo3520d ago

really hype for this game. i've never been a fan of the ninja gaiden series, but i will try this out..

arika3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

yup the hype bar for this game just shot of through the roof! but i am sure that the hype for this will be delivered just like killzone 2. this is going to be an awesome game. the ultimate ninja gaiden edition! it makes me want to play my ninja gaiden sigma again.

IdleLeeSiuLung3520d ago

Is this guy going to be the next arrogant Itagaki?

tocrazed4you3520d ago

What is going to make this game great is the determination of the team that is still there to prove themselves better than itagaki and that they are fine without him. Im rooting for them and if the game turns out great I am buying it for sure.

socomnick3520d ago

if he was out of itagakis shadow he would have made ninja gaiden 3 , but nope once again he just ports itagakis game and adds minor stuff and they give itagaki no credit.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3520d ago

"...and they give itagaki no credit. "

Yeah, I mean, how could they? Itagaki has always been such a good man with his subordinates!! He always gave them credit, especially with Sigma!


Oh wait!

3519d ago
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xino3520d ago

The ULTIMATE definite edition? As long as the gameplay is that of Ninja Gaiden Black. Then it is the DEFINITE!
(keep the blood, OT, Dismemberment, but put less enemies on screen and NG1 gameplay)

Sevir043520d ago

that itagaki is a mondo douche nugget!!! talented guy but his ego was just too much or a let down on him.

Serjikal_Strike3520d ago

its coming to the ps3 and with some xtra goodies...nice move Yosuke!

Bumpmapping3520d ago

Yosuke is the man and NG2 Sigma is also getting DLC that 360 is not getting man i love Team Ninja :)

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