Game Revolution: WWE: Legends of Wrestlemania Review

Game Revolution: "Legends of Wrestlemania does what exactly what you think it should. Despite some repetition and being short on gameplay content and depth, it's a casual, enjoyable romp through the good ol' days that put our childhood heroes (and villians) on a pedestal. Then is shines a spotlight, blasts fireworks, and points at them with a giant arrow. For anyone who follows the WWE series religiously and especially for someone who knows little about the history of wrestling entertainment and the legends that created it, Legends of Wrestlemania rightfully belongs in your collection."


+ Fantastic tribute to classic WWF WWE
+ Expansive, importable roster
+ More CAW parts and better CAW leveling
+ Approachable wrestling title

+/- Useful but unbalanced taunts


- Many oversimplified mechanics
- Several cut modes and moves
- Not a lot of replay value; too short

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