GameZone: Ninja Blade Review

Alexander Schneider-

Ninjas are cool people. You can jump higher and further than most other people. They have the talent and high walls along with and can also run with an oversized steak knife, also called the sword, in the shortest time a family portion Gulasch conjure from their opponents. About these talents and more, the hero of Ninja Blade, Ken Ogawa, nothing less than save the world needs.

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7ero H3LL3498d ago

hey not bad, i got my money already reserved for it.

XDF3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

This game is a good action game. It is another game that will be in my 60 plus x360 games collection.

So far the reviews for this game has been good to great. And one site (never hear of it and from Italy of all places, oh how far will the fanboys go to find review like that is beyond me) gave it like a 5/10 and they are calling it a failure.

Marojado3498d ago

Downloaded the demo before, not given it a whirl yet. Pretty respectable review though.

II Necroplasm II3498d ago

It think it will be a great game