PS3 Media Hub: How To Use Your PlayStation 3 For Movies, Music And More Writes:

"Your PlayStation 3 can handle almost anything you throw at it. Here's how to make it the centerpiece of your home entertainment center."

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morganfell3497d ago

Unless you are going to discuss the PS3 Media Server then the article is hardly complete. It's free and quite simply the piece of software to be had for the purpose of streaming and media conversion on the fly.


SaiyanFury3497d ago

Wow Morganfell, you were right. I tried out that program you suggested, and MAN is it impressive. Finally I can watch OGMs and MKVs upconverted really well. Good tip, my friend, enjoy the bubble.

SL1M DADDY3497d ago

Sony doesn't come up with some addition to the XMB under settings or something that would initiate a tutorial with links to websites like the ones Morgan posted. It would be cool to have a walk-through with some narrator and links, pics and such showing just what the PS3 could do for the purchaser. I know it could be done, it's just getting Sony to know how useful it would be.

Redempteur3497d ago

are just great .. they are free , fast , mostly compatible
and can be installed on every computer easily .. i use one and it increased the amount of space for movies, musics and pictures on my ps3 from 60gb to 2tb ...

it's just that great !

Raoh3497d ago

I'm confused as to why you say that divx is better on the 360 over the ps3. Sony has a partnership with DIVX and all official divx files play on the ps3. The ps3 itself generates a registration code for you to certify your ps3 as an official divx player.

the 360 has early divx support. mainly mpeg2.

so i'm confused why you would say divx is better on the 360.

-EvoAnubis-3497d ago

You see, GamePro did two of these articles. One for PS3 and one for 360. Which is cool. Allow me to quote two of the bullet points from the 360 article.

"4. Plug and play
If you don't have a PC, or can't afford a larger Xbox 360 hard drive, the Xbox 360 is also compatible with a number of portable USB-powered drives.

Simply plug the hard drive into your console via the USB port beneath the power ring, and your Xbox 360 should detect the drive and allow you to access the videos, photos and music stored there. This is a quick, handy function if you've got something to show to your friends.

3. Huge hard drive
Most Xbox 360s come equipped with either a 20GB or (more recently) a 60GB hard drive. To really open up your storage options, you might consider purchasing a separate 120GB drive (also included with the Xbox 360 Elite model).

Though these special drives are much pricier than the standard laptop HDDs used in the PS3, 120GB gives you plenty of flexibility to store music, movies, and more right on your console."

Given this, you notice any, shall we say, glaring omissions from this article? Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not saying "GamePro iz teh biased," so any such madness. What I am saying is the fact that any FAT32 external USB HDD you want to plug in will work great, and any 2.5" SATA laptop HDD you want to swap your standard drive out with will also work just fine. These are two great features of anyone who also uses their PS3 as a media center, and GamePro should have probably mentioned that.

Hell, even as I type this I'm watching Transporter 3 from the external HDD plugged into my PS3 (just got done watching Wanted).

morganfell3497d ago

I agree. Thewre really isn't any competition between these two when it comes to being a media hub. The PS3 is quite simply the full featured version with the incredibly more flexible system.

I have a 320Gb drive in mine and today ordered a 500Gb model. When it arrives I will swap out the drives and drop the 320 into an external drive case for the PS3. On top of that I have over 2TB of drives on my PC. I use the PS3 media server to access those drives and it encodes files on the fly - no pre-encoding like there is with Tversity. I can play everything from .mkv movies to .flac audio files...encoded in real time.

ThatCanadianGuy3497d ago

@ all in the gamerzone.

Hey, Im just the contributor ! I didn't write this up !
Tho you could just be nice and approve it for me >.>

Theoneneo813497d ago

To mention the Big feature ps3 has wich is media streaming i bought playOn media server and its convincing my paretns to get them a ps3 and Drop cable all together since it streams hulu and Netflix.

Godmars2903497d ago

Noting that they omitted a lot of lesser known PS3 features to give the 360 more weight.

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