New Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Trailer Coming This Friday

Geoff Keighley have stated via Twitter the following:

"Another exclusive this Friday on GTTV is the first trailer for Battlefield Bad Company 2. More news soon".

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Irish-Republican3494d ago

the first 1 was good online when it wasnt laging

Hydrolex3494d ago

the graphic tearing !!!

looked like an colored 1950s movie.

XXXRATED3494d ago

i beat online but the lagging was bad and the last patched ruined the weapons balance so bad I couldnt play it again but i will buy the new one just hope its better

ALL_STAR_283494d ago

HELL YES!!! absolutely loved the first one and with a few online improvents this game will be amazing.

Delta3494d ago

BF:BC one was cool but i'm still waiting for Battlefield 3. Anyways this is cool news

-GoD_-oF-_WaR-3494d ago

They make the graphics a little better. & online a little less laggy. then ill buy

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