1UP: PixelJunk Eden Encore Hands-On Preview

Like PixelJunk Monsters before it, the third entry in Q-Games' PSN downloadable series, PixelJunk Eden, will receive an "Encore" as well, due in April. And from what we've played of the five new levels (Gardens 11 through 15), which were playable at GDC 2009 within SCEA's PlayStation Industry Lounge, this expansion's Grimp-filled fun will offer much of the original's same stylish balancing act: part hypnotizing relaxation, part race against the clock.

For those new to Eden, here's a quick recap: You play as a little creature called Grimp ("grip + jump"), and you jump, swing, and climb your way through fantastic levels full of color and abstract flora, collect pollen to grow dormant seeds into more abstract flora, and then jump off that, all in order to reach each Garden's (level's) goal, another organism called a spectra.

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