Why Final Fantasy XII Didn't Measure Up to the Rest of the Series

Although Final Fantasy XII was a great RPG for the Playstation 2, it wasn't a great Final Fantasy title. That is why fans are hoping for that Final Fantasy XIII will return to series roots.

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Bill Gates5064d ago

I tried so hard to like it but just couldn't.

swiftshot935064d ago

because of the battle system. I never finished the game...

xztence5064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

The story didn't appeal to me as much as the other ff's .
I didn't particulary like the art style either altough it was refreshing.

iamtehpwn5064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

RPG's I've ever played despite the great production values.
Everything about it was wrong. The story, the characters, the combat system, it was just.....Wrong.

Final Fantasy X has YET to be topped by any other JRPG of it's generation, and so far, of the next.

chaosatom5064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

1)The Battle system was awesome. Just have to give it some time.

2)The Story sucked, there is no way anybody can defend that.

Back to combat, the random encounter combat being eliminated made my life so easier. Although the difficulty is really high at first, it becomes fun after that stage passes. And having the characters set to a command doesn't make them less fun to control, since you can still control them and make them do other stuff if u want to. Ultimately, you get fast and swift battles, which is Why it's so Awesome.

Panthers5064d ago

I liked the battle system too. It was really easy to level up since there were no load screens between each fight. But I admit I still liked FFX battle system the most.

Plus, Summoms SUCKED in FFXII. I NEVER used them.

chaosatom5064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

the Summoning. There were insane.

I mean FFX did so many things right, but it would be unfair to compare.

Riding the Chocobo or playing Blitzball, there were so many things to do in that game.

AAACE55064d ago

FFXIII seems more closely related to FFX, and FFXIII versus seems more closely related to FFXII!

Don't get mad, let me explain. FFX had a more traditional FF type story and feel. FFXII felt more adult and seperated from what made fans like the franchise in the first place. It seemed like they were forcing the game to appeal to a more mature audience. I hope they get it right with Versus.

ThanatosDMC5064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

The game was trying to do to many things at once. I'm still at below lv20 stuck at that area with the lightning elemental monsters the kill everybody in one attack.

I loved Blitzball not the X-2 though.

SaiyanFury5064d ago

I loved Final Fantasy XII. It was the first FF that I was able to get into since FFVIII back in the 90s. FFIX was decent enough but I could never get into it for some reason. Then FFX I couldn't get into. I tried, I really did but for some reason the game just never clicked with me. FFX-2, same thing. Extension of FFX. FFXI was online and I'm not the kind of person to continue to pay for access to the game after I've already laid down the cost of the game. FFXII was a revelation for me. Done in the same style as the beauteous Final Fantasy Tactics, I got absorbed into the game and it lasted me over 100 hours. I know a lot of people have a gripe with the battle system, and rightfully so. It doesn't match everyone's style, I just found it quite amicable personally.

Danja5064d ago

The Battle system was the only thing I liked about the game , other than watching the CGi scenes which looked awesome.

everything else about the game just felt dry and boring....

@Above : I consider FFIX to be the best and most underrated FF game of them all it was perfect IMO..

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Lucreto5064d ago

I loved the game and I will play it again.

Delays- Well its Square what do you expect.

Non-Interactive Combat System- People forget you could turn it off. It was handy for your character to heal themselves when they reach 50%.

Slow Developing Story- If you played Suikoden V you will know a slow starting story. They took a different approach where you are powerless to stop the political machine.

Uninteresting Characters- The characters wre all interesting in there own way. The voice acting was better they used professional voice acter(2 were from Futurama.)

Omegasyde5064d ago

All of the characters blew except Balthier.

Vaan was a cross between a girl and a boy who tried so hard to be masculent while wearing a vest taylored from West Hollywood. He was a twink.

The Other lead character was pointless. Her limit was cool, but she wasn't interesting. Who cares about her empire?

The bad guy, was horrible and having a connection to his little sister is silly. Wait it wasn't a little sister it was a boy! The "Cat Chick" was cool, but had no memorable scenes like Balthier did. Balthier should of been the hero, not some exiled princess or a twink boy.

Marceles5064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

Yeah I agree, the characters were forgettable except Balthier, and there really wasn't an advantage of using any specic character since everyone pretty much starts off on the same part of the license board. At least in FFX certain people started off on certain parts of the Sphere Grid so you know what they would specialize in.

Also I enjoy the story of Ivalice...well mostly FF Tactics's simplified but still deep story, but FFXII's story started getting too confusing, or I just started to not get interested. In every FF I always wanted to know what would happen next, but on FF12 I didn't care, I just wanted to know where to go and what new abilities I could learn. Ashe's story just really got annoying

Danja5064d ago

I agree about Balthier , and funny enough Balthier was actually suppose to be the lead character until last minute changes were made and Van was wouldn't be a FF game without the lead guy looking

DragonWarrior465345064d ago

Ive been a FF gamer since part 1 on the NES. Graphics didn't mean much at the time. All that mattered was the games always had a great story and awesome turn based elements. It was like playing a game of chess, but 1 million times better. FFX ended up being the best told story of any rpg Ive ever played. Yes, even better then the dragon warrior Edrick and Zenithan saga's. FFXII not only sucked because it had a retarded story, but the gameplay just didn't make it feel like FF anymore. I dont care what console this game would ever come out on as long as they stay their old school gameplay and story telling elements. It seems that they got a bunch of kids making games for them now.

TheColbertinator5064d ago

FFXII is actually my favorite FF game of all time.I enjoyed the characters especially basch and Gabranth.I also like the game length(100 hours+),the Hunters Guild challenges,difficult boss fights(Yiazmat,Omega Mach XII,Zodiark,Hell Wyrm),tactical gambit system,license board,and varied locations(huge cities,swamps,deserts,mountain s,plains,ancient forests,coasts,etc).

Finally,I thought the story was great because it was a mature political tale instead of another cheesy annoying love story.

Cheeseknight285064d ago

But it wasn't even an interesting political story. Large country invades small country, small country fights back, small country receives some aid from the other large country, small country wins.

Nihilism5064d ago

agreed colbert, your truthiness astounds me

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