Hot Shots/Minna no Golf 5 Demo Hits PSN Store

Joystiqs reports:
If you don't already have a dummy Japanese PSN account, now's the time to make one. We've spent the past 19 minutes downloading a playable demo of Clap Hanz' Minna no Golf 5, which is the PS3 debut for a series that's also known as Hot Shots Golf and Everybody's Golf. The demo weighs in at 241MB, and a quick play reveals what could be the greenest game of 2007

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JIN KAZAMA4260d ago

you set up a japanese account?? I want to dload this game.

DiLeCtioN4260d ago

am getting my ps3 on the 23rd, how do i set up a jap account?

spacetoilet4260d ago

How can I get a dummy Japanese account? Anyone here done that?