HorrorStyle: Q&A with the designer of Zeno Clash

ACE Team is now tremendously busy with finalising the upcoming punk fantasy PC game "Zeno Clash", but Andres Bordeu, Co-Founder and Game Designer of ACE Team, kindly agreed to answer few questions.

Zeno Clash is a first-person action PC game set in a punk-fantasy world and emphasizing complex close combat system. The game has been awarded 'Editor's Choice: Best Upcoming Indie' at ModDB's 2008 awards and nominated in 'Excellence in Visual Art' at the Independent Games Festival. A lot of media has expressed that the game is worth checking out just for the art itself.

Andres Bordeu reveals inspirations behind the surrealistic designs; he talks about original achievements, a possible porting to Xbox 360, DLC, the gameplay and more.

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