What's Wrong With Left 4 Dead?

Tamizander of XboxInsider writes: Greetings and salutations. You'll find this to be my first article on this site and I'm sure to alienate at least a few readers. That being said, before we start I want to make it explicitly known that I really, really like Left 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead has introduced me to some of my best game playing friends on XBL. These are people I still play games with and just enter parties to chat, when we're playing other games. I've had a load of fun with the game and I still wish I had it so that I may have more fun. The issue is not with the game. I like the game.

But, I'm objective.

Ask me about sushi. I LOVE sushi. However, I also know what's wrong with it. I love teriyaki sauce, but I see the downfalls. All part of being objective.

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TheIneffableBob3495d ago

The community is great... on the PC, at least.

Feels like a Half-Life 2 mod? Then what's Gears of War 2--a Gears of War mod? What's Halo 3--a Halo 2 mod?

There is a back story in the game. Did the author not notice all the writings on the wall?

Of course it's repetitive. All games are.

caladbolg7773495d ago

Moral of the story: Buy Valve games for PC. Shun Valve titles ported to consoles.

Ghoul3495d ago

"I also hate the community. Play with pubbies and you’re guaranteed to have at least one joker that runs around spouting nonsense from his microphone and shooting the rest of the team."

sadly thats a live only problem for left4dead, i know this sounds like a fanboy but im honest the problem with over proportional many teamattackers and micro spammers is mostly (by a huge margin) on my 360 2nd place (but still much less problematic) is ps3 and 3rd pc

solar3494d ago

i dont even know where to start with this one.....

and crap this wasnt supposed to be a reply ghoul. oopsy.

Ghoul3494d ago

so you tryed to report :) but hit reply
nasty boy :) hahaha

nvm i stand to my comment as thats what i experienced, im glad people disagree so taht means for them it was a better experience :)

solar3494d ago

i refuse to play online console games....sure they are some turds in the PC community as well but the horror stories numerous of friends have told me keeps me from wanting to hope online with my ps3 unless it's with a good buddy and not an FPS.

kewlkat0073495d ago

It is what it is people...

micro_invader3495d ago

I agree, it's a co-op multiplayer game first. The main focus here isn't single player.

Still though, I think PC gamers got the better deal here.

acertainkid1023495d ago

The biggest problem with it is that it's not on the PS3 XD

GiantEnemyCrab3495d ago

What is up with Xbox sites?

One thing about Xbox gamers they complain and whine more than any other group of console owners. Even their fansites just sit around and create sh*t to cry and whine about.

"I love the game but I hate the game" "I love the community but I hate the community". "Don't buy the console but read our reviews for games only on that console". blah blah blah.

Go buy a PC and GTFO

madmike3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

turning into a ps3 fanboy sheep welcome to the dark side. telling us xbot fanboys are moaning all the time better than ps3 sheep crying all the time ps i got one bubble left because i dont like sucking sonys

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The story is too old to be commented.