UGO: Fat Princess Preview

Fat Princess brings the fun of class-based capture-the-flag multiplayer to those of us intimidated by the likes of Team Fortress 2. The design's deceptively welcoming for a 32-person game. A 3rd-person isometric view provides a broad look of the battlefield. The children's book aesthetic makes the aforementioned Valve title cartoon-ish art appear, in comparison, rough and grimy. Even the software itself, downloadable off PSN this summer, will be ideal for quick play sessions, since you can quickly launch it from the console's XMB.

But underneath the hood's a more strategic beast, tailored for the hardcore.

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thereapersson3498d ago

I'm loving the sheer amount of unique content and variety that's being brought about on the PSN lately. Fat Princess is one of my most-anticipated PSN titles, next to Trine. :)

iHEARTboobs3498d ago

Trine looks great. Can't wait for this one either. Also can't wait for what PixelJunk has for us next.

ThatCanadianGuy3498d ago

Last of herd of this it was supposed to be set for release in Spring.'s spring..Release it now..? Please..? =(

rbluetank3498d ago

i can not wait for this game to drop!! i can not wait to hear all the trash talking in this game.. lol feed her fat aws$ or can you pick that fat cow up..ect... lmao already. bring it on sony!