Star Trek movie game will be all muilti-player action

Variety writes:

"Paramount's Star Trek: D.A.C. game will be all-out, top-down, multi-player space battles.

That's the word from three of the folks behind it, whom I just sat down with at GDC. I reported a few weeks ago that the downloadable game will come out along with the movie and will be a top-down space action title.

But unlike most movie games, it turns out, this one doesn't replicate the story of the film, or even tie into it. There's no single-player campaign. 'It's all multiplayer, team-based battles,' explains Ben Hoyt, a senior producer with Paramount Digital Entertainment, which is publishing D.A.C. (And no, I didn't find out what that stands for). 'It's designed to be quick and fast-paced. There are multiple ship classes and battles and several different game modes.'"

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