No Disks, No retailers, No good?

Gamer Limit writes: "The future of gaming. With the current gen consoles well into their life span we can't help but think 'What's Next?' downloadable games are currently selling like hot cakes, Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, PSN store, Wiiware and virtual console games have provided a new way for us to access games without even getting off the couch (and that's ok in my books). What if I told you that all your games could be accessed online, without downloading them, Not having any bulky accident prone consoles in your lounge and the ability to play with PC, Mac and console gamers? You would probably call me Andrew Ryan and tell me to get off your internets but Steve Perlman's OnLive concept just might be enough to sway a few."

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Fullish3520d ago

Yeah, I still like having discs.

na2ru13520d ago

I despise of this nuisance called OnLive.

Dimly3520d ago

I don't think I could even go all digital. I enjoy being able to physically peruse my library of media... and i've gotten screwed over losing all my music before... that would be a nightmare if it were my games

LeonSKennedy4Life3520d ago

You know...

they have receipts for that crap.

Sayai jin3520d ago

Yeah, it just a matter of preference. How many CD's compared to MP3's do you have?

Clance3520d ago

Garlic brrrread?

Not in my lifetime.

'Nuff said.

spandexxking3520d ago

bubbles for the peter kay quote!
OT, surely this wouldn't be good for the retailers who are already struggling due to the resession?

kaironn3520d ago

It means more money for the developers, less money for useless retail.

I'd trade my right to have a boxed game for more sequels/original titles.

CrippleH3520d ago

It'll mean more money in the pockets of corporations and less money in the people who works at retail.

kaironn3520d ago

Honestly, I work retail and this is fine with me.

Why should we make money on something a development team slaved away to make? If they want to distribute it for free first-hand, that's their right as a business. Retail is just a useless middle-man for industries like this.

CrippleH3520d ago

Might not be all useless because retail to a lot of people is the only means to get supplies.

Whats would come if there is no food market kinda thinking. A lot of people with no internet will be left out. Can't get broadband everywhere.

crck3520d ago

Retailers are good for consumers. I've gotten a ton of great deals on games. How often does a sale happen on psn or xbla? Once or twice a year on a handful of titles? Without retail we'd paid full price for everything no matter how old it is. Not to mention giving up our right to trade in or sell a game. As for devs slaving over a computer to make a game, they can cry me a river. There are much worse jobs that people have to do for a lot less money.

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The story is too old to be commented.