New 65nm IBM Cell Promises 19% Power Reduction

While AMD and Intel have been using die size and lithography as measures of finesse and production power against one another -- a measure where smaller is better -- IBM stayed largely out of the foray up to now, making a conscious choice to keep its Cell BE CPU at 90nm while the x86 producers move on to 65nm, and soon 45nm.

IBM's reasons at the time had something to do with leakage: As some theorized, the way Cell's processing engines were designed, current leakage could impact reliability for the symmetric processing units if they were made any smaller.

But now IBM has solved that problem, yesterday announcing that it has officially begun production of the 65nm version of the revolutionary successor to the Power CPU.

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Bebedora4259d ago

Hope that will warm the hearts of the global warming comity [sarcasm]

Ps3Fanboy7774259d ago

My video cards alone use that much.

I shall get SLID 8800GTX's just to bring down the planet!

Good news they went to 65nm though.

Bebedora4259d ago

LOL - I'll help out too. Having 2 PC 24/7 and now I'll buy a PS3 90nm to be sure to be as [email protected] as possible.

BIadestarX4259d ago

Great for the planet I guess.

hfaze4259d ago

Even though I was an early adopter with the PS3 (and thoroughly enjoying the hardware backward compatibility ;-)), I would love to see the PS3 drop at least $200 in price. That would allow a lot more of my buddies to pick up PS3's... (most of them are married w/ kids.. damn do I feel old...)

Also... IBM... WHERE ARE THE CELL PROCESSOR WORKSTATIONS???? I see blade servers, but I have yet to see any kind of announcement of a desktop or tower Cell workstation... If they did that and were able to get Maya ported over to that architecture (it's already available for x86 Linux), I would pick one up in a heartbeat... The chance to see a Cell running with more than a measly 256MB of system ram, Mmmmmmmmmmmm....

Brandon4259d ago

mercury sells pci express board with cell that can be used on common pc
but if i remember well it's very expensive something like 5-6k$

BIadestarX4259d ago

Before Sony can drop the price of the console they have to be profitable. And though this is a good step toward that direction it will take more than reducing cost on one component out the hudreds the PS3 has. Also, dropping the price too soon is a sign of weakness on their part, so they will not do it at least for 2 years.

techie4258d ago

They dropped the price of the ps2 within the first year.