Resident Evil 6 "could take up to 8 years"

Resident Evil 5's producer Masachika Kawata has revealed that Resident Evil 6 could be in development for up to eight years.

"We haven't decided whether we're going to make Resident Evil 6 yet. But if we do, it could take anywhere up to eight years, but hopefully only four."

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ThePlaystationFour4687d ago

That's a load of bull. How can you say it could take up to 8 years to make and hope to cut the development by 4 years? Maybe 6-7 years in understandable if there working hard. But 4 is just a load of poop.

KingKionic 4687d ago

lol at your comment. the game must have a in depth story . and i do remember capcom saying the next one will revolutionize resident evil series. lets hope its four we get to see it on next gen consoles :)

The Matrix4687d ago

WTF is this 8 years? A new game on a current gen system only takes 3 maybe 4 years. Assassin's creed, fallout 3, far cry 2 etc. only took about 3 years. Not to mention that a sequel only takes about 2 years since you already have figured out the system and have an engine. Perhaps they're talking about making it next gen (xbox 720, Ps4) which might be why they say 8 years but still...

Tomdc4687d ago (Edited 4687d ago )

I think he just said what he meant wrong. I think he was probably talking about the time till the next release, not development time =D

Ahah i loved the fact they "haven't decided" whether they make a new one yet! What Rubbish! Management will, no doubt about it! Think of all the money the franchise brings in!

solidsnakus4687d ago

awesome. ill be looking forward to playing RE6 and three human in 2015

Doppy4687d ago

The only way they can have a 8 year development cycle is by waiting until the next consoles come out. Other than that I call BS on this too. What are they Street Fighter now. I give them 5 years top for the next Resident Evil, and I'm sure we'll see a couple of spin off's in the meantime.

Ninja-Sama4687d ago

6 years for main game and 2 years for dlc they will charge for after release?

Sevir044687d ago

i really think they've revolutionize the series but they'll be long behind industry standard.. to me the pinnacle of Re was Re4, excellent and game of the year. 5 is nothing more than a HD mock up of re4, you cant repeat the same thing 2 and expect it it fly without being scrutinized.. this game just sucks.. as for they can take all the time they want, but in all honesty there will probably be a better series out there that does horror right by the time RE6 launches. right now, dead space totally pwn RE5 this gen. i'm glad they are going to go back to the drawing board for RE6 because 5 was. aweful

HDgamer4687d ago

Said DLC will be already on the disc and the file size in the online stores will be 56kbs

Dragun6194687d ago

Honestly, I think that would be a great idea to have 5 to 8 years development.

Since they have already decided to start again from scratch with Resident Evil 6, 5 to 8 years development can help them set some fresh ideas. Also It would give them more time to think of a good story, develop new controls, Include MultiPlayer, and give the series a must needed evolution on this console generation.
Not to say that RE5 wasn't good, it just felt like i was playing like gears of war or army of two with zombies. Other than that i do wish maybe if they can balance out between the action and the survival horror genre, like Dead space for example.

Also who ever the main character for the next game i hope they don't over do the design for the character cuz i didn't like the fact that Chris had massive biceps as Marcus Feninx. Not all Americans like huge muscles Capcom, seriously compared to Leon, Leon was more badass.

Tomdc4687d ago

anyone care to tell me why my first comment got disagrees? I dont mind I'm just confused as to the grounds the disagreements are on...

SL1M DADDY4687d ago

Is use the same graphics or slightly polished up a bit more, add some better animations and stop with the co-op single player campaign. Also, add back the attache cases and make the game scary again. Don't throw 50 baddies at me, make small rooms and corridors with one really nasty zombie coming at me. Oh, and that brings me to the last point... Make them zombies again for god sakes.

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Oztheboss4687d ago

The hell it will!

*shakes fist*

Shane Kim4687d ago

Good, I hope I'll never have to see this sh!t again. RE4 ruined the whole franchise for me.

killzone2ownsallfps4687d ago

return the danm zombies and survival horror capcom

beavis4play4687d ago

capcom doesn't have to re-invent the wheel here.
he11, i'd buy a remake of RE2 if they did it proper.

Sevir044687d ago (Edited 4687d ago )

this day and age you need intellegent enemies zombies are soo L4D.. if you are gonna make a story based horror survival game, Zombies just cant make it fun. you'll get tired of shooting and chopping the hords of mindless fodder. Zombies are good for multiplayer games...

killzone2ownsallfps4687d ago

yeha.... r4 and r5 is worts re of all times imo...

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