Worms developer admits AI and online problems

It's not often that developers go public on admitting cockups in their software. We all remember how long it took for Infinity Ward to mildly confirm that 'some players' had problems with the game's multiplayer before patching it after a ridiculous four months. The Worms developers deserve some cheers then for publicly stating that they screwed up on their AI timing.

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nicodemus4260d ago

I think this game needed more dev time. Either that, or the devs are complete morons. Porting the AI straight from the PSP version? What were they thinking?

Three things need to happen:

1. Fix the AI.

2. Throw in a couple additional backgrounds (since it only has 3 right now).

3. Fix the weird audio -- When the music ends, the game goes completely silent for about a minute. It happens about once every four minutes.

Do these things (in addition to fixing Live play), and I'll be satisfied. It's a great game, but it could have been so much better!

calderra4260d ago

Remember when it kept getting delayed and not meeting certification? THIS is why. Imagine if Microsoft would have just let this one out the door... yech.