Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Preview

Ever since Rainbow Six 3 came to the Xbox in 2003 the serie has been one of the most popular ones on Xbox Live. Although Rainbow Six 3 suffered from a lot of bugs and glitches the online community couldn't get enough of the game and a year later Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow was released. With the release of Black Arrow most of the problems were taken care of and the gameplay was much improved.

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YoJ1Mbo6186d ago

It appears they have the team aspect down cold, its almost perfect! The most annoying thing in graw is putting your guys behind cover and they still get shot all to hell, hopefully this is so far ahead in that respect.

PS360PCROCKS6186d ago

Oh god me to, I hate Graw because all I do is babysit, I have beat I think 4-6 missions and I gave up, it's a pain in the as* I was dissapointed in that game for the stupidity of your team