New Maelstrom multiplayer demo now available for download

Experience the destructive strategy action of Maelstrom, the RTS title from KDV Games, in the new multiplayer PC playable demo now available to download from

With organic bases, terraforming and totally destructible environments, the new demo enables players to sample two new multiplayer maps; also playable in single-player mode.

In the first two-player map, "Top of the Hill", players command either the resourceful Remnants or the fearless Hai-Genti alien force in a race to destroy the opposition enemy base. The first to the summit controls the water pump at the top of the hill so strategic terraforming and dam building will be crucial for the Remnants to save their base from possible flooding by the aquatic aliens.

The second four-player map, "Lair of the Devil", enables players to again compete as either the human guerrilla fighting Remnants or the collective hive-mind of the Hai-Genti aliens. This map is a barren and volcanic vision of the future, one of the 14 multiplayer maps available in the full game.

Developed by KDV Games, Maelstrom is published by Codemasters and is now available for PC. To sample the action in the demo, or view the gameplay videos, visit

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