FlatOut Ultimate Carnage: Next-Gen vs Old-Gen Comparisons

3 days, 3 series of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage images. This time the developers show us the graphical difference between the "old gen" and "new gen" version.

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Ps3Fanboy7774235d ago

Yea that looks horrible compared to Motorstorm. LMAO to funny... The mountains look fake as can be..

Wow Motorstorm stomped this game..

Although they are different games showing that dirt track didnt help them any.

WOW cant believe how bad that looks compared to what I was just playing.... Mabe they should take a little more from Motorstorm.

holynerds4235d ago

Who loves their PS3 so much, you spend an awful lot of time on this site ... and not playing it.

friggan nerd ...

Darth Gamer4235d ago

You have completely different games. Different Developers. If this game was shown on the PS3, it would more than likely look exactly the same if not worse like every other game.

RedSoakedSponge4235d ago

If u dont like the 360 then piss off out of the threads. I have nothing against both consoles since iv got a 360 and getting a ps3 wen it launches here next week. to be honest i would choose 360 over ps3 but i collect consoles so i have to get it and u need to get a life.


bobbybrown4235d ago

This game isn't even close to it

DreDawgg064235d ago

you idiots, stop bashing this game if you havent even played it. In terms of options and customization motorstorm is not even on the same level. This game is 10x more fun and has way more physics on screen so play it before you judge it only on graphics.

Which is all Playstation 3 owners are, graphic whores.