Kingmax unveils "world's smallest" USB flash drive

All those "world's smallest" flash drives now have to face Kingmax's USB 2.0 Super Stick as it looks to challenge all the previous (and currently unconfirmed) claims of diminutive superiority. While it looks to be a revamped version of the company's first iteration, this uber-slim flash drive weighs in at just a single gram, and measures 34- x 12.4- x 2.2-mm, which also means this just might be the easiest possible storage medium to lose track of. Nevertheless, this Vista / OS X-friendly drive comes in 512MB ($19), 1GB ($29), 2GB ($39), and 4GB ($55) flavors.

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The_Firestarter4623d ago

I'd loose that thing in a heart-beat! Other than that, this flash drive is INCREDIBLY thin! ^__^