GDC 09: OnLive Introduces The Future of Gaming?

Before I dive into what OnLive is and how it works, let me start by saying that you should read every word of this article as this service has the potential to completely change the way games are played. If it works and gets proper support from both publishers and gamers, you may never need a high-end PC to play the latest games, or perhaps even ever buy a console again. That is not an exaggeration.

surfer5306d ago

wow, its pretty amazing what they can do these days

Tony P5306d ago

Agreed. Incredible news. Way to start off with a bang. I'm surprised they actually have it available to test considering I hadn't heard of it till just now!

No noticeable lag? These guys have been busy in a good way.

Can't wait to hear more particulars. I've got some expectations and concerns already.

5305d ago
360 man5305d ago

so theres gonna be 1 big tall building field with nothing but computers

xztence5305d ago (Edited 5305d ago )

theres no way they can accomplish that with just some high end servers, there will be epic amounts of lag and framerate drops when millions join in.
its a really good idea for the future though but atm I highly doubts its possible.

Information Minister5305d ago

It's not just the lag, but also the fact that the service comes with a visual downgrade ("Do the games run at 60fps? Technically, yes, but the video stream makes it feel less so. They're still smooth, but Burnout wasn't as brisk as it is on a PS3, for instance."). And you can forget about 1080p.

So we've been creating "PS3 vs 360" flamewars over small barely noticeable details and now we're supposed to lower our standards? I don't know about you but I like to play my games in the highest quality possible.

Rofflecopter5305d ago

Awesome idea, but what happens when my internet goes out? then i cant play, and id be very upset. also, i dont think that sony and microsoft are going to be happy about this. maybe this means its time for a sony/microsoft console, a nintendo console, and this :D it wont happen but i can dream..

FarEastOrient5305d ago

So how long before I reach Comcast's bandwidth cap with this device and how will I be able play a like Empires: Total War that uses machine power like disposable oil?

IdleLeeSiuLung5305d ago (Edited 5305d ago )

I doubt this will take off unless you want laggy experience in single player. No matter what improvements they make they can't overcome three things right now:

- latency due to the copper (or even optical) wire on a high speed internet connection
- latency due to the different paths a packet can take through the internet, meaning some of your input might not reach their computer in time
- the amount of graphical data being sent to you

The first two already exist as seen on PSN and XBL. The third is almost impossible to fix with even the fastest computers in the world compressing the video. The amount of data flowing between your computer to the screen is enormous.

So in short, it might catch on, but will never replace Sony, Nintendo or MS consoles!

solidt125305d ago

Not the end of consoles with disc drives but it definitely opens up conversation for that. I didn't expect to see anything like this for another five years.

Parappa The Rappa5305d ago (Edited 5305d ago )

So. DigiDistribution of games by pre-rendering them thru a cloud based service.

For any who ever said that Digital wasn't possible, or would never happen.....eat it. Eat all of it.

Also. Before any of you pricks out there try to argue about network speeds(something you prolly know nothing about), can I get a show of hands? how many of you are on a connection thats slower than 5megs?
Anyone? Be honest. We wont laugh, just want to prove a point.

MNicholas5305d ago

of the very high cost of bandwidth. Imagine playing Crysis on the highest settings on the Wii! Absolutely nothing revolutionary about the idea but it will be a long time before it becomes viable.

Darkfocus5305d ago

Its called remote play(when your ps3 renders the video and sends it to the psp and the psp sends control input back to the ps3 over the internet)

fenix13005305d ago (Edited 5305d ago )

while I am really thrilled about this new service, it looks like it is going to cost a lot of $$$ to maintain these systems, meaning like a $50 monthly fee like xbox live (or what ever the hell the cost is. I have a ps3). so we need to ask at what point is it going to be more expensive to use this service. also take a look at all of Sony's and MS's developers. that is a lot of exclusive content that this service will not provide. honestly though for multi plat. games this service is really a blessing.

Not to hate on the 360 but if all of its games are on the pc and therefor on this service wouldn't that be a huge blow to the system???
what do you guys think?

fenix13005305d ago

ok this service is going to fail. it is having trouble accepting an application for the beta and it expects me to believe that it can stream full games?

phosphor1125305d ago

Bandwidth. Yes they said "no noticeable lag" but what is their bloody connection? T1? T3? Fiber optics? I'm still running on 1.5mbps downloads, meaning I have to click pause to completely load a LOW QUALITY youtube video. I can't afford these faster broadband connections, and that is the same for millions of other people in the US. Hell, it may do well around the world, but as long as us Americans have craptastic internet, we won't be enjoying this product.

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KingKionic 5306d ago

might be the end of console and pc gaming.....nah not yet.

PtRoLLFacE5306d ago

it may not be the end of consoles but maybe the end for fanboys lol

lord_of_balrogs5306d ago

This is still PC gaming. If anything this might mark the end of Steam.

Information Minister5305d ago

I hear Gabe Newel was so upset by these news that he only had 5 double cheeseburgers for lunch instead of his usual 6.

xlx-russ_925306d ago (Edited 5306d ago )

The Future is here. I want this thing now

solidt125305d ago

Don't fall for it. US networks aren't ready for this yet. It may work but it is a down grade from what we have now (no 1080p). It is good that they are doing this though. Who knows, in about 6 years they may be able to handle Millions of users.

Xi5306d ago

we start with computers designed to work.

then we decide that computers are to expensive for each person so we develop terminals.

then we decide it would be cheaper to make all terminals their own computers because we don't have the bandwith without giant cables.

then we create a way to make terminals cheaper and increase bandwith and we're back to terminals and servers.

poopsack5306d ago (Edited 5306d ago )

this seems awesome, but it definately wouldnt turn into the mainstream, simply because of these reasons, HDMI only, Online must be on always. and a couoke others.Still it seems AMAZING. if they offered some type of silver service where its basic with no pay, im buyin a box. Still the "console" version needs a diff name.

It would work out as the next generation of PSN and Xbox Live. :D

poopsack5306d ago

jaja ign totally got us with this one, and we ate it. cake=onlive, the cake is a lie.

poopsack5305d ago

wait now they have interviews on gametrailers...