Halo 3 packaging revealed for all editions?

Xboxygen posted what look to be renderings of Halo 3's retail packaging for the Legendary Edition as well as the Limited Edition.

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Hayabusa 1174324d ago

I may just buy all three editions...

m234324d ago

I don't think they are real. Microsoft would want to put "Halo" on the boxes so other people know that it is infact a halo game, rather than thinking its some game called "3"

combatant4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Right, but come on. Everybody and their brother know of halo 3.

I mean there probably fake, but the could get away with just "3"

Arsenic134324d ago

Photo shop!!!
All the boxes are released pics put together. The H3 forerunner logo is just bent around a rectangular box, dda helmet is just added in.

shotty4324d ago

its all from the released pictures that we already have

Covenant4324d ago

Someone has photoshop, previously released pics, and too much free time.

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