Interview with Sony's Phil Harrison

Wired News interviews Phil Harrison on Home, LittleBigPlanet, Microtransactions, and Less Trickery.

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StrboyM4233d ago

I dig Phil man hes very very cool....he came off genuine without sounding brash or arrogant....and his little jokes about M$ power point were funny "who makes that"..and "we don't use the word achievements" lol

I think the ps3 will do very well in the upcoming months they will need some more fuel to keep things going, but with the rest of this years line up..even showing some of the upcoming Big titles should help

Good job sony!!

sabbath4204233d ago

No more trickery! That's our motto for 2007. No "MORE" trickery. That's funny. Maybe he should have also stated NO MORE LIES.
The rest of this years lineup should help? Good luck. Xbox and nintendo have a much greater lineup. Home sounds like a real neat chat room lobby type deal if you like chatting and playing a knock off of the sims.